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Mack Brown was right. Let’s ban upside-down Hook ‘Em Horns.

First of all, how about that election last night? Pretty cool, wasn't it? When I got home from Free Team Trivia at The 51st Street Speakeasy (shameless plus), I watched some Fox News. I did it just to see the "Fair and Balanced" reaction, and how they'd spin the beat down the Republican Party received in any state not named Oklahoma. It was pretty fun. In fact, it was almost as fun as hating Texas and Mack Brown!

Yes, by now you've probably heard that Crybaby Extraordinaire (Mack Brown) whined about the upside-down Hook ‘Em Horns hand gestures made during Texas games. If not, here's the article from NewsOK:

Texas coach Mack Brown said opponents flashing the upside-down Hook ‘Em Horns sign is “disrespectful” and something the Big 12 Conference should discuss.

Brown's comments came Monday, two days after Texas wide receiver Mike Davis drew a flag for mocking Texas Tech's “Guns Up” sign.

Davis reportedly made the “Guns Up” sign and then holstered it after his two touchdown receptions in the Longhorns' 33-21 win Saturday at Texas Tech. Davis was warned the first time and penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct on the second.

Brown's comment about the upside-down Hook ‘Em Horns came in response to a direct question about that gesture, The Dallas Morning News reported.

"The Horns down is disrespectful," Brown said. "We ought to talk about that as a league."

I can't believe I'm actually writing this, but Mack Brown is correct. Upside-down Hook ‘Em Horns is totally disrespectful. And you know what, that's exactly why we do it! Knowing it irritates him is like icing on the cake or an extra touchdown in what's becoming a traditional Red River Rivalry blowout.

That being said, I also agree with Mack on another point. I think the "league" should talk about banning the disrespectful signal... at league games where Texas is not playing.

Seriously, I hate the University of Texas just like anyone else. They're big, arrogant, rich, pouty and annoying. They're basically the Jim Traber of college football. But the only thing more annoying than the University of Texas is the jackass OU fan who makes the Upside Down Hook Em whenever he or she is shown on TV... or at a bar... or the bank drive thru... or the self checkout lane at Home Depot... or anywhere.

You know these clowns. The OU women's basketball team could be playing Kansas State and they'll jump in front of a TV camera and flash the upside-down Hook ‘Em. They drive around town with an upside-down Texas logo on the back of their truck. They play country music on the jukebox, smoke Camel cigarettes and rip the scrotums off men in bar fights. Well, not all of them do that. Some play classic rock, too.

Anyway, I think a good State Question for 2014 would be to ban the upside-down Hook Em' at any sporting event in Oklahoma where Texas is not playing. For example, if some dude is shown on the jumbotron during a Thunder game and flashes the signal, he should be ejected from the arena and forced to watch the 2005 OU - Texas game as punishment. Or better yet, have to wear an OSU Big 12 Champions sweatshirt for a week. That would teach him a lesson.

Also, if you're one of those people who flashes the signal anytime you see a camera, please stop. If you can't tell, it's annoying, stupid and childish. And while you're at it, breathe with your mouth closed. You're not a Texan, so don't act like it.

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