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Sam Presti has hired a blogger as a Thunder video analyst

11:31 AM EDT on September 17, 2012

When you're a blogger, it's pretty easy for your three friends to make fun of you. They'll say things like "How do you like living in your parents' basement" or "Is it weird living in your parents' basement" or "Do you use that pile of laundry as a couch in your parents' basement." When your friends do that, you generally tell them to be quiet so they don't wake your parents as they sleep upstairs.

Sometimes, though, the blogger gets the last laugh. Sebastian Pruiti, a contributor for Grantland and the owner of the now conveniently offline blog, is one of those bloggers. He's been hired by the Thunder as a video analyst. Based on some of his criticism and praise of the Thunder offense over the past year, he seems to be well-qualified:

• How James Harden's Hesitation Cost the Thunder

• Oklahoma City's Bigs Problem

• NBA Finals Preview: Can the Thunder Beat the Heat?

• Oklahoma City's Winning Play

• If It's Not Broke, Why Fix It? OKC's New Approach on Offense

I like this hire for a couple of reasons.

For one, it's cool to see a blogger get recognized for his work and get real job. Sure, Pruiti also doubled as an assistant coach for the Ft. Wayne Mad Antz of the NBADL, but I really doubt working for a sports team that spells ants with a "Z" helped him get this job.

Also, this hire confirms what we've long suspected: Sam Presti is a cool-ass nerd who reads blogs. In fact, I'll bet Sam Presti is reading this right now. And I bet he's now creeped out and blushing. And I'll bet he's now clearing his search history and about to close his internet browser.

Anyway, since Sam Presti is now hiring bloggers, maybe it's about time for him to hire Clark Matthews as a salary cap analyst. Clark is a CPA, loves basketball and reads the new collective bargaining agreement to his children each night before he goes to bed. He even has the Hoops Hype salary section saved as his home page. He'd fold up the checkerboard to work for the Thunder in a heartbeat.

Or better yet, maybe Sam could hire me as the new coach of the Thunder Girls. I don't know a thing about choreography, but I'm an expert on hot chicks, a charismatic leader and inspire greatness in people. Plus, my friends would probably stop making fun of me and I'd be able to leave my parents' basement. Make it happen, Mr. Presti.

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