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2012 Worst of OKC: Anchorwoman

Picking the worst anchorwoman in this market is like shooting super attractive fish in a barrel. Last year Robin Marsh "won". She didn't get an award, she was just able to keep her job for another year. I guess that's the prize when you've (allegedly) got a pretty hefty plastic surgery bill to pay off.

Vote now and vote often for the worst anchorwoman. It'll make you feel better about yourself in ways only the Internet can.


Meg Alexander, 5:00 & 6:30 anchor, KFOR Channel 4

Meg Alexander seems like a cool soccer mom. The kind of cool soccer mom who would buy you beer for your party so you can make friends because no one likes you. The downside is she'd probably end up crying for hours about something harmless. Like this. If she doesn't "win" she can take solace in the fact anytime she talks to Emily Sutton, she becomes an example for all journalism students on how to not banter. It's brutal. Poor Emily.


Linda Cavanaugh, evening and 10pm anchor, KFOR Channel 4

Linda is pretty much the gold standard of local anchorwomen. She also received a ton of nominations for this category. I think this is because she gets bored with trying to keep Kevin Ogle from eating the set or protecting him from the angry townspeople. She also does cameos in projects from the 2 Movie Guys. That's a real good way to tarnish one's reputation. A real good way.


Liz Dueweke, Morning Anchor, KOKH Channel 25

Sure, she had pretty big "shoes" to fill when this one left, but she managed to do ok. The bad thing is she's on a broadcast that doesn't really allow one to show off one's talent, unless one's talent is just being pretty and reading bad scripts. I guess that means the Fox morning show IS perfect for her. She also did this. She seems like a pretty convincing mean girl in imaginary land. WAIT. According to Patrick, she is a mean girl. Figures.


Robin Marsh, Morning Anchor, KWTV Channel 9

Robin Marsh seems like the makeup girl at Dillard's who lucked into a sweet job reading a computer screen. Sure, she gets to see Gary England everyday, which is a reward one cannot put a price on, but she's still little more than the poor man's Linda Cavanaugh.


Amanda Taylor, Evening Anchor, KWTV Channel 9

Amanda is the type of woman your friend introduces you to as his fiancee when you didn't even know he was dating anyone. You think she's cool at first but then the manipulative, weird, side comes out. It starts small with her ordering food for him he hates at restaurants he hates. After awhile you find out she was a homely high school girl who is  now marginally pretty but acts like a supermodel. She's also the poor man's Robin Marsh.


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