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Christina Fallin has filed for an annulment from Matt Bacon

I'm not sure if this is a surprise to anyone, but Governor Mary Fallin's hipster runoff daughter, Christina Fallin, has filed for an annulment just 10 months after having her dream wedding at a castle in Ireland. This totally sucks for us, because we were banking on a lifetime of easy material and jokes at the expense of Oklahoma City's least favorite pretentious and totally-better-than-you couple.

We first heard rumors that the couple was separating about a month ago. The word from several Ogle Moles was that Matt Fallin-Bacon, a recovering drug addict, had relapsed and Christina kicked him to the curb. If that's true, I guess you can't blame him. If Mary Fallin was my mother-in-law, I'd probably do a bunch of drugs, too.

Here are a few thoughts:

• This news has many ramifications for our state. Lawmakers will probably have to consider this when figuring out future budgets. Now that Christina is single, there will probably be more late-night parties at the Governor's Mansion. Plus, she'll probably meet some new guy and want to have a dream wedding in Scotland or Egypt.

• Christina sure is shallow. I'm not sure of all the details, but when you marry a recovering drug addict, you should probably be aware that there's a chance the person may relapse. Drug addiction is an illness and disease, and her refusal to stand by her newlywed husband as he battles that disease probably shows her true colors.

• I guess the couple's little indie rock duo, Milk on Milk, is now a vulture.

Anyway, we wish both Matt and Christina the best of luck as they move on with their lives. Hopefully Matt gets help and turns his life around, and hopefully Christina stays the same and gives us some easy material for the next few years. That would be ideal.

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