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Ogle Madness V Championship Game: Emily Sutton vs. Good Russell Westbrook

In case the picture of Jack & Ron above wasn't an indication, this is the final round in the epic battle known as Ogle Madness V. It's been quite a ride. Here is the updated bracket and today's championship game match-up:

(3) Good Russell Westbrook vs. (3) Emily Sutton

The popular but moody basketball bad ass versus a popular and always pleasant meteorologist. The baller from L.A. vs. the girl next door who tells you when your house is going to blown away by a Satan vacuum. I was home-schooled, so Satan vacuum is a perfectly acceptable name for a tornado. That and Jesus' Judgement Cone.

Patrick wanted me to tell you that there are six people who are six people alive in our Ogle Madness V Bracket Contest. One of those six people is going to receive a $250-value feast to Deep Fork Grill. If that doesn't get you laid, I don't know what will.

We are also going to give a prize to the Ogle Madness V Champion. The winner will either receive a lifetime supply of Ozarka (not true) and a date with me (offer only applies in the event of a Sutton win).

Vote on and may the best Oklahoma Celebrity Win!

(3) Good Russell Westbrook vs. (3) Emily Sutton

(3) Good Russell Westbrook 

Conference: OKC Thunder Players 

Who He Is: Guard for the OKC Thunder 

Biggest Strengths: Athletic ability 

Biggest Weakness: Passing to the team’s best player.

Last Game: Defeated (2) Carrie Underwood 364-356


(3) Emily Sutton 

Conference: Super Hot Weather Vixens

Who She Is: KFOR Weather Girl

Biggest Strength: Avoiding Bob Barry Jr.’s dressing room “Parties” 

Biggest Weakness: Not my wife

Last Game: Defeated (1) Kevin Durant 537-310


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