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Here is Regular Jim Traber’s Tulsa Shock basketball card…

Famed physicist Stephen Hawking once stated that he believes life is created when matter is put in the right environmental conditions. It's a logical, overly simple, scientific explanation to one of the universe's great mysteries. It doesn't, however, explain this:

Yes, that's a painting of a Regular Jim Traber WBNA basketball card. In case you care, that sound you just heard was the universe collapsing and all matter becoming one within itself.

That's just awesome. The painting was made by some guy named Drew Cooper. I'm not sure if he's a serious artist or not, but he may just be the next van Gogh or Picasso. What he did was amazing. There are only a few people in the world who can take something as unwatchable as the WNBA and something as unlistenable as Regular Jim Traber and combine them into a tantalizingly beautiful artwork. If Drew were my son, that basketball card would be on my refrigerator right now.

Anyway, we have reached out to Drew to see if he can make other pieces of ironic Oklahoma pop art for us. Maybe something like Sally Kern dancing underneath a rainbow at the Copa or Steve Lackmeyer attacking downtown Oklahoma City like a monster in Rampage. Either one would work.

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