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Holy Hipster! The new “Milk on Milk” video has been released

Have you ever wondered what would happen if a spoiled trust fund baby with access to daddy’s billions directed a music video for a married couple who probably named their dogs American and Apparel? If so, today’s your lucky day! Milk on Milk has released the official music video for their debut song “Vulture.”

The video was directed and produced by Brent Ryan Green (the richer-than-all-of-us-combined son of Hobby Lobby founder Dave Green) and stars Milk on Milk bandmates (and newlyweds) Matt Bacon and Christina Fallin-Bacon. In the video they do annoying hipster things like interpretative noir dancing and riding a Yamaha through a cemetery.

Unfortunately, no one chokes on a Chanel scarf.

Check it out:


Wow.  This could be the greatest video ever…if it were a spoof. Seriously, I keep waiting for Andy Samberg to jump out from behind a tombstone and play a keyboard guitar while wearing a Viking hat. That actually would be cool.

Anyway, I’m not sure what you think of the video, but here’s my verdict:

What a load of pretentious crap. I’d rather watch a pack of vultures eat a Zebra than view that thing again. I think I grew an ironic mustache just from watching it.  Even the Pretty Black Chains think it tries too hard.

All that being said, doesn’t it make you feel good to know that a band like “Milk on Milk” has the money to afford an expensive music video shoot?  I guess it just proves that talent, relentless touring, hard work and little bit of luck can get you far in life. Or, maybe it just shows that it’s good to be the Governor’s daughter and have rich friends whose family made a fortune selling wicker furniture and cheap frames. I'd take that over talent any day.

p.s. – Here’s a music video from a local band that's actually worked hard to get to the point of releasing professional music videos. It’s also the only song known to man to reference the Broadway Extension.

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