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Matt and Christina Fallin-Bacon have followed our advice and created a band

Back in June of this year, we told everyone about the cheesy engagement website of Christina Fallin and Matt Bacon. We published the happy couple's hipster vomit-inducing photos, priced some of the items on their registry and shared how they met (he was fascinated by her Chanel scarf). We closed the post with the following paragraph:

In all seriousness, we wish the couple the best of luck in this new chapter in their life. We hope they have a long, happy and healthy marriage. We also hope they form a husband and wife indie rock band. We’re always looking for new material.

Dear God, they actually went out and did it! We've learned via Oklahoma Rock that Oklahoma's royal hipster douche couple actually took our advice and created an indie rock duo. They name of it is the lactose intolerant "Milk on Milk."

Here's the first music video for their song "Vulture."

Okay, that's the real song, but not the official video. The real video will be released on Twenty Something Magazine in December. I imagine it will show the couple riding through empty fields on a motorcycle in search of the finest Chanel scarves and deepest extreme v-necks known to man. It will then switch to Matt and a black bra-clad Christina floating around on one of her family's boats at Grand Lake. The video will end with Matt loving Christina's a vulture.

Since that's all clarified, let's talk about the music. My verdict???  It sucks.

The song kind of sounds like what would happen if a hipster got stoned and combined "The Beginning is the End is the Beginning" by The Smashing Pumpkins with "My Body is a Cage" by The Arcade Fire and then paid a shitty Nine Inch Nails cover band to perform it. In case you care, that's not good.

All that being said, we don't want to be to tough on the couple. The other song they released is a little bit better and I'm sure they'll improve as musicians. Plus, we did ask for them to create an Indie rock duo so we can have more material. We should probably thank them for that.

p.s. - This is at least the third time one of our random off-hand comments has actually come true. We call it the Ogle Influence. The other two examples are the new Taco Bueno on 63rd & May and when the Lingerie Football League wanted to expand in Oklahoma City.

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