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From the Mountain Top – Sports Musings From Someone Better Than You (Week 5 Review)

*Unrelated Personal Awesomeness*

My better half was named as one of the Top Doctors by Oklahoma Magazine in its October 2011 edition. Yeah, I once won a Diamond Back racing bike in elementary school. She is one of the top physicians in the state at the age of 32. I won the marriage lottery.


The Fighting Sooners of Oklahoma completed a late fall scrimmage last week that was actually open to the public, defeating Dave Letterman's Balls Tate Cardinals 62-6. Leading by 4 late in 2nd quarter, the Sooners went on a six minute scoring fenzy to up that lead by 5 scores. Balls Tate isn't fooling anyone. They aren't a low level SEC team. But they aren't complete shit. Well, maybe they are.

The Stars

Tony Jefferson intercepted 3 passes in 3 consecutive possessions. His picks were more indicative of the pressure Oklahoma applied on Balls Tate (no, it's not getting old) all night. Two of Jefferson's picks were from tipped passes. Jaz Reynolds and his 109 yards receiving looked like a legitimate threat at wide receiver, which would be a nice compliment to Ryan Broyles and Kenny Stills, who is the best player on this team, with apologies to the aforementioned Broyles. I would guess Reynolds will permanently replace Trey Franks as Landry Jones' third option, thus saving me, the viewer from watching the same guy tackle himself after a 5 yard come back over and over and over ...

The Goat

Whoever is supposed to tell the players what time the game starts. Because yet again, they did not wake up and start playing until the 2nd quarter. This shit works against an average Missouri team and a bad Balls Tate team. It does not work against better competition (see this week's matchup).

Most Telling Statistic

OU scored 52 unanswered points

Why Oklahoma Won

Because I don't think a single Cardinal player would start for OU. Not surprisingly, the talent gap was huge. OU racked up 655 yards of offense, and gave up 214 mostly meaningless yards. In fact, they had a stretch where the D gave up 48 yards in 8 drives ... combined. Which brings me to this ...

What Oklahoma Takes From This Game

When this team has it going, it might be the best team in the country, and certainly is in the discussion. The Sooners scored 35 straight against Missouri. They scored 52 straight against Balls Tate. They have not played an A game yet, but are sitting nicely at 4-0 and in the top 3. So is this the OU team we can expect this year? One that puts together 2 to 3 quarters of top level football, with plenty of letdowns and blown assignments during the remainder of the game? Or is this a team with enormous potential that will figure it out as the season progresses? 11th ranked Texas awaits with an answer.

Oklahoma State

Bye week. Which came at a bad time for the Cowboys national momentum, and a good time for the team. For better or worse, this is a what have you done for me lately sport. And OSU needs to keep that momentum going by beating another good team. Which Kansas is not.

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