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It looks like we are going to pay $23 for pictures from Gan Matthews’ Going Away Party

7:00 AM EDT on September 14, 2011

Last week we issued a bounty on pictures from Gan Matthews going away party. If you can believe it, an Ogle Mole actually submitted a couple of photos we requested. Sadly, none of them had to do with Joleen Chaney, Liz Dueweke and Jennifer Pierce in a pink bikini.

Here are the photos:

Photo 1: Adrianna Iwasinski asking Rusty Surette why he invited Marisa Mendelson. ($9)

Uhm, is Adrianna Iwasinksi asking Rusty Surette about Marisa Mendelson, or is she turning her finger into a metallic blade and asking him to "Call to John?" I guess it doesn't matter. We'll assume she's asking about Marisa Mendelson.


Photo 2: Bo Turner reciting his newest poem “Ode to a Grecian Gan Matthews.” ($14)

Yeah, this doesn't really have anything to do with the Keats poem. And yeah, we have no clue if Bo Turner was reciting a poem, but the dude went out and found some Grecian 5. And he apparently put it in a small silvery bag. That picture is awesome and totally worth the $14.

Anyway, since $23 is about $22 over our Gan Matthews Picture Bounty budget, I guess this is the end of our wall-to-wall coverage of Gan Matthews forced retirement from Channel 9. We wish Gan all the best...especially when he starts working for Channel 4 or appears in local car commercials.

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