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The “Worst of OKC” is returning!

Back in 2008, we ran a little feature on the site called the “Worst of OKC.” It was the exact opposite of the Gazette’s “Best of OKC” and the Oklahoman’s “Reader’s Choice.” Here’s what made it different:

• We focused on the “Worst” things about Oklahoma City.

• The competition was more of a poll than a survey. That’s because we don’t have the time to sort through the thousands of nomination ballots submitted by employees of local restaurants, bars and hair salons.

• It focused more on media and people than hair salons, restaurants and more restaurants.

• We didn’t make a ton of money selling “Vote for Us” and “Thanks for Voting” advertisements to nominees…although it would have been cool if we did.

• Closed businesses (a.k.a. The Prohibition Room) did not win any categories.

Anyway, out of a service to our readers and the citizens of Oklahoma City, we’ve decided to bring back an abbreviated version of the “Worst of OKC.” Starting this Monday, we’ll unveil one category a day (along with five nominees) for the next 20 days. Each day, our readers will get to select who they think is the “Worst of OKC.”

Here are the categories in alphabetical order.

• Worst Anchorman

• Worst Anchorwoman

• Worst Douche Bag

• Worst Gay Cruising Spot

• Worst Intersection

• Worst Jim Traber Catchphrase

• Worst Natural Gas Company

• Worst News Broadcast

• Worst Place to Park Your Car

• Worst Politician

• Worst Print Publication

• Worst Radio Station

• Worst Rich Person who will probably sue us for making this list

• Worst Sports Radio Personality

• Worst Suburb

• Worst Thunder Player

• Worst Tourist Attraction

• Worst Tweetbag

• Worst Weatherman

• Worst Website

The nominees for each category will be chosen by our editors, contributors and Ogle Moles.  That being said, if you have some suggestions for certain categories, email them to us.  Who knows, maybe you’ll alert is to something new and terrible that we forgot about.

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