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Meet the most rocking OSU fan ever…

What happens when you mix a death metal show at the Zoo Amphitheater with a guy who's either an over-prepared hunter or OSU fan? This:

The best part about this video — other than seeing a fine selection of jorts in the crowd — is that nobody really seems to care that a guy dressed like Pistol Pete's godson is destroying 18 of his 86 remaining brain cells. I guess weird things like that are just a common occurrence at the Zoo Amphitheater. Or, everyone there was so high on meth that they didn't really notice him.

Also, you have to love the enthusiasm he exhibits when the death metal singer asks everyone to "Put your middle finger in the air." He probably does the same thing at Boone Pickens Stadium whenever Bullet runs into the stadium, the opposing team takes the field, or someone asks him if he knows how to read.

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