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The one where Mike Morgan emails us pics of his wife…

12:05 PM EDT on June 16, 2011

A few weeks ago we published the Mike Morgan Drinking Game. We received a lot of positive feedback on the post.  In fact, the only negative thing we heard was someone claiming they were stuck with the title of 'Rick Mitchell' and got alcohol poisoning.

Well, you can add Mike Morgan to the list of people who was impressed by the game. In fact, you can probably say he was very impressed...and flattered.  Check out the totally real email he sent us.

Subject: Damn, it's hot!

Hello LostOgle, as a token of appreciation for "the Mike Morgan drinking game ( very clever ) , here is a picture of Marla Morgan, former runner up Miss rodeo USA from bristow, ok, cooling off during a recent hot OKC evening. We hope you approve, May u continue to be this lucky....

Yep, as a token of appreciation for writing a drinking game about him, Mike Morgan emailed us some photographs of his wife cooling off on a hot Oklahoma City evening.  It just doesn't get any better – or weirder – than that.

Anyway, because we like to share the perks of our craft with our readers, we've decided to post the pictures of the former runner up Miss Rodeo USA.  We're also going to publish a couple of bonus pics, like the one above, that we found on the couple's Facebook page. Check it all out after the jump.

p.s. - Had we known that drinking games elicited that type of response, we would have written the Dave Morris Drinking Game years ago.  Just sayin...

Here are the two pictures of Mrs. Morgan that were sent to us via Mike's personal email account.  Pay attention to the time and temperature in the second one. Makes you think these were taken with the sole intent of being sent to us.

Also, here are some fun pictures that we found on the Morgan's Facebook Page.  They are awesome:

This one is classic.  I would pay $25 for that 5 Alive T-Shirt with the footprints.  I'd also pay $50 to get to hang out with Jack Bowen for a day and be Wednesday's Child.


This picture is from the Twister World Premier which I'm pretty sure took place at Penn Square.  It's hard to believe that the best movie theater in Oklahoma City in 1996 was at Penn Square Mall.  It's also hard to believe what's going on with Mrs. Morgan's outfit.


You have to wonder on which Carnival Cruise Ship this picture was taken.  My guess was that it was aboard the Sensation in 1999.  Or the picture was taken at Russell's last weekend.  One of the two.


I think this picture is pretty current.  Since that's the case, the people at KFOR need to have  jeans intervention with Mike immediately and tell him it's not okay to by clothes at Sears.


Anyway, we'd like to thank Mr. and Mrs. Morgan for the email.  If you would like to email us pictures of your wife for any reason, our email address is TheLostOgle at

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