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Time to nominate us for The Gazette’s “Best of OKC” stuff…

Ahhh, the Gazettes's "Best of OKC."

It's that time of the year when 17-year old hostesses from restaurants all over the metro are forced to stuff ballots, the Gazette earns a bulk of their advertising revenue, and businesses (like us) beg for votes and nominations.  It's a swell time.

Overall, the "Best of OKC" was pretty good to us last year.  We were named "Best Social Media Fanatic" and were the runner-up to for "Best Local Website."  We were actually more impressed with the runner-up finish for "Best Local Website." Our annual operating costs and advertising budget is, uhm, virtually nothing, especially when compared to the winning website  Seriously, I bet spends more money on operations in one day than we have in our entire existence.

Anyway, because we don't mind whoring ourselves out for publicity, we kindly ask that you go out and nominate The Lost Ogle in two categories in the "People and Media" section. They are:

Best Local Website: Even if you hate us, we deserve to be up there just based upon the Mike Morgan Drinking Game, trying to sell Jim Traber's phone number, and being first to point out Mary Fallin's kind-a-sort-a plagiarism.

Best Person or Business to Follow on Social Media: Uhm...who else would you nominate for this?  One of Mayor Cornett's kids?  That blogging for narcissistic publicity jobs lady?  The dude who wanted to build an AT-AT for attention America?  No, you should not nominate any of them.  You should nominate us instead.

In addition to those two categories, I think we should also try to rig a category with a funny entrant.  That's why we're strongly encouraging all of our readers, Ogle Moles and enemies to do this...

Best Community Leader: Please please please please nominate Cardboard Jim Traber for this category. CJ has kind of evolved into our unofficial mascot and we would love to see him as a nominee in this category.  He's deserving.  He volunteers his time with Habitat for Humanity, Feed the Children, the Human Fund and the Ferris O'Brien Foundation. Plus, he lives in my garage and it would be funny as all hell. So please go do it.

Anyway, visit the Gazette's website to submit all of your nominations.  There are a ton of categories, so if you feel extra nice, be sure to nominate our sponsors, too.  These guys make what we do possible, so it would be a nice way to show some appreciation.

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