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Al Gerhart is scary…

12:00 PM EST on February 21, 2011

Yesterday, the Oklahoman published a story on the state of the Oklahoma Tea Party wackos.  The story primarily focused on how a radical faction called the Sooner Tea Party is taking a stab at local politics under the leadership of it's co-founder Al Gerhart.

The article included a picture of Gerhart.  When I scrolled over the picture to enlarge it, this is what I saw:

Yeah, I just feel like pointing out to everyone that a $9.95 "Join or Die" flag advertisement happens to scroll across the picture of a dude who wants to help influence and control our non-partisan city elections.  No big deal, right?

I would just say that we all remember this when Gerhart lists his endorsements for city council, that way we'll totally know who to vote for in the upcoming elections.   Because if our city needs anything right now, it needs more of the non-practical, destructive, fear-inducing tea party political rhetoric that's divided the rest of our country so well.  That way we can stop all the progress our city has made in the last 20 years and we'll all be winners!  Go tea party.

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