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Breaking News: The OSU Cowboys are your 2010 Big 12 South Champions

Well, at least they are according to Mike Gundy.  Here’s a screen shot from his personal website,

Hmmn.  Although I may be a level two alcoholic, I’m pretty sure that the University of Oklahoma was the program that represented the south in the Big 12 Championship Football Game.  That’s because I remember yelling at Landry “Roadtard” Jones during the entire first half of the game from the comfy confines of the Speakeasy, and then being happy when our hobbit kicker barely made a 20 yard field goal and the Nebraska offense fell apart in the second half.

Had Oklahoma State won the Big 12 South, they probably would have played in that game.  But they didn’t.  You see, they could have played in the game, but they were beat by an overrated OU team…at home…in the biggest game in their program’s history.

Now, OSU fans may say that technically the Big 12 South ended in a tie, and that Oklahoma advanced to the championship game based upon a tiebreaker.  That’s kind of true, but it doesn’t explain this:

When did the Big 12 South start handing out championships?  

I don’t recall Oklahoma ever unveiling a Big 12 South Championship Trophy.  If so, they'd have a bunch.  In fact, I don’t think a Big 12 South Championship technically exists.  If you ask me, it’s nothing but a made up title for coaches to put on recruiting websites to make themselves looks and feel better.  I guess that's okay if you actually win it, but lying about winning a fake championship???  Well, that’s just garbage. In fact, it makes me wanna puke.

Update:  I guess they really do give trophies for Big 12 South Championship.   Expect some retired WWII Veteran to go on the news tonight and tell that to Gan Matthews.  Also, I now claim to be the 2004 Regular Season Co-Champ of the League of Champions Fantasy Football League.

Update II:  It's still ghey for Coach Gundy to put that banner on his website.

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