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I’m a Virgin supporter

7:54 AM EDT on October 11, 2010

When we first wrote about State House candidate Emily Virgin back in July, I mentioned that she needed to win her race for the sake of "easy material."  Well, the election is still three weeks away and she's already doing her part to make us happy.  Take a look at her "Are they doing this on purpose?" campaign commercial:

First of all, I'm not sure what "increasing" education really means, but I guess it's probably good to know that it's probably Emily's number one priority.  Maybe when she's 100% sure, she'll let us know.

Anyway, in addition to that great quote, this video has some good parts.  My three highlights were:

The guy who looks like a virgin and talks like a virgin saying he's a Virgin supporter while wearing a sticker that says virgin.


Spending about 15 minutes trying to figure out if this dude looks more like a friendly alien or a young Bald Bull.


Wondering if I'm supposed to watch the psychedelic final five seconds of the commercial while listening to Pink Floyd.


Anyway, all kidding aside, I think this video proves that we don't need 23 year old political science nerds making the laws that govern our society, much less the 23 year old political science nerds who come from a family of successful lawyers and lottery commission members.  Instead, Emily should probably spend her time doing the same things that other 23 year old girls like to do.  You know, fun things like stalking people on Facebook, watching Glee and going on dates with me to nice restaurants.

That being said, I'm still going to stick with what we wrote last July.  Emily Virgin needs to win this thing.  Unless, of course, her Republican challenger is either Harry Johnson Jr. or Haywood Jablome.  If that's case, we'll probably change our minds.

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