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Mary Fallin: Consensus Builder?

When you think of the term "bipartisanship," who is the first politician to come to your mind?  Who reaches across the aisle and makes decisions based on principle rather than party dogma?  What elected representative takes into account the concerns of their consitutents even if it means bucking the line?

Before today, gubernatorial hopeful Mary Fallin would have been the last person I expected to make efforts to reach consensus.  As a career politician, she has made a name as a GOP flunky.  A woman who buddied up with Michele "The media should do an expose on which members of congress are Anti-American" Bachmann in order to gain some of her "us versus them" notoriety, you would think that Mary Fallin was opposed to any feedback from liberals.

Then, I got an email from an Ogle mole who frequents several high profile liberal blogs.  (Sidenote:  When I say "liberal blogs", I wouldn't count this website.  We discuss politics regularly on this site, and generally we have a lefty bend to our coverage, but compared to these sites, we are Reaganites.)  He was surprised one day upon surfing to The Daily Kos, this country's most prominent website for liberal causes, to see the ad banner displayed above.  At first, he wrote it off as an anomaly, but then he went to TPM, seeing this, and Ballon Juice, seeing this.  Anywhere he went, he was unable to escape her horseteeth and Reba McEntire inspired hairstyle.

Personally, I cannot stand Mary Fallin's politics and would never consider voting for her.  On the other hand, I don't read any of those three blogs because I think their politics are much further to the left than I am comfortable reading.  In the rare instances I do visit, I end up saying the same things that White House press secretary Robert Gibbs uttered that made him a pariah at MSNBC.  So, the idea that she is running campaign ads targeted at people who condemn people Fallin calls socialist as conservative lackeys seems like a complete waste of money.  The ad on Daily Kos alone cost her campaign a minimum of $10,000.

Perhaps that is the objective.  The race for Oklahoma's governor position is not very competitive.  Even if the GOP had run the illiterate clown that won office in Brazil, they were bound to win the post in this anti-Democrat climate.  I think that was Randy Brogdon's train of thought when he registered for the primary.  Despite the lack of competition, people have been donating money to Fallin by the fist full.

Could she really use all of that money to buy yard signs and bumper stickers?  Then, even if she did, it would have no real bearing on the results in November.  However, she can help other GOP candidates nationally with her excess cash.  I'm sure there are other races throughout the country that would love that top of the website banner ad in hopes of raising awareness to their own grassroots.  However, with Fallin occupying that slot, it is unavailable.

So, in a way, it is pretty ingenious...and we all know she cares more about what is going on outside Oklahoma than inside.

(P.S.  If any Fallin campaign people want to keep our ads from falling into the hands of dastardly Democrats, contact us.)

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