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Happy Trails, Lauren Richardson

8:10 AM EDT on September 27, 2010

Last Friday, Lauren Richardson worked her last day as the hot morning news reporter for Channel 25.  Apparently, she left to be closer to her family in California.  If that sounds familiar, it's because Amy McRee left Channel 9 under similar circumstances just a few weeks ago.

Not having Lauren Richardson around to ogle anymore kind of sucks.  She was a local legend of sorts in OKC "” and lets be honest "” she was a legend due to the faithful and loyal coverage we provided of her.

We first wrote about Lauren way back in August of 2007 when this site was only a few months old.  The first post was simply an introduction to her hotness, and included the infamous Braum's video above.

After that post, Lauren became a regular on this site.  We published other YouTube clips of her, ranked her as the hottest woman in the local media and even named a holiday in her honor.  I guess you could say we had a fascination with her.

And we weren't the only ones.  You guys and gals did, too.   She had a 68% approval rating and was the champion of our first ever Ogle Madness.  In fact, she dominated almost every round and knocked out "” irony alert "” Amy McRee in the final.

For the most part, Lauren took our school boy fascination in stride.  She had nice things to say about us in the Gazette article and even let me interview her for a Lost Ogle Q&A.  She did get salty when we posted a video of her saying "It's never too early to suck on some nuts" during a live morning report, but we forgive her.

Anyway, we wish Lauren all the best with whatever she does in California.  Hopefully, she enjoys life out there, gets to eat ice cream and occasionally suck on some nuts.  In the meantime, we learned last night that Liz Dueweke listens to our radio show.  Did I mention that I have a dog and own a copy of the Alchemist? Just saying...

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