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Even Taco Bueno now caters to our demands…

A few weeks ago, we came up with a wish list of 10 things that we wanted to take place this summer.  We came up with the list because June had been a slow news month and we were lacking interesting material to write about.

Well, one wish has already came true.  And it sucks.  Here it is:

7. The Taco Bueno on 63rd and May gets a drive-thru.
If I'm going to poison my body with things like Mexi Dips and Chips, Muchacos, Chicken Nacho Salads and Chicken Potato Burritos, the last thing I want to do is actually walk inside a store to get my food.  I want to maximize my calorie to fat ratio.

That being said, I hope this Taco Bueno never gets a drive-thru.  There's an old school charm to it.  A drive-thru Taco Bueno is rarer than Tulsa Shock fan.  Someday it will replace the Milk Bottle building as the coolest structure in Oklahoma City.

OK.  This Taco Bueno hasn't changed since it first opened in the 1970s. And now just three days after we write about its old school charm, the restaurant gets shut down for remodeling.  I think this proves what I've suspected for quite a while: we are either way too influential, someone from Taco Bueno reads this site, or I have a psychic connection with the Muchaco.  I'm betting on the later.

Regardless of how or why this happened, I think this story is pretty disappointing.  The old school charm of that Taco Bueno was great.  There are not too many fast food places without a drive thru, and when you walked in the front door it was like going through a time capsule.  Also, there's that urban legend that some drunk kid from the Boar's Head haunts the place at night.  Apparently he choked to death after trying to eat the entire corn bowl of refried beans from his Mexi Dips and Chips in one bite.  Now all that's going to be gone.

Another disappointing thing is that out of our 10 suggestions, this is the first one to come true.  Seriously, why couldn't it have been someone putting the Don't Lay That Trash on Oklahoma commercial on YouTube or Megan Fox drunk dialing me.  Next thing you know VZDs will hire a straight waitress.

Anyway, I guess we should now write some more news stories that we'd like to see happen.  And this time it won't be for material, but just cool stuff we'd like to see.  The first one will be for Los Tacos to open a location in north Oklahoma City.  I'm pretty sure I have a psychic thing going with their burritos, too.

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