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Vote for us as the “Best Blog” in Oklahoma City

Uhm...ignore that headline.

Last year, The Lost Ogle was named the "Best Local Blog" in the Oklahoma Gazette's "Best of OKC."  In the competition, we beat local blogging giants such as Dustbury, OKCcentral and even BittBox.

Actually, that's kind of lie.  We didn't beat any of the popular blogs above.  We beat blogs that were more obscure than a metal slime on Dragon Warrior.  Probably because of that "“ and maybe because blogs don't have large advertising budgets "“ the Gazette has removed the blog category.

That kind of sucks, but we'll get over it.  If anything, at least we still get to claim that we are "The Reigning "˜Best Blog in Oklahoma City' according to the Gazette."  In fact, that's how we  will now chose to be introduced at all the wet t-shirt contests that we want to judge.

Anyway, you can nominate us for plenty of other categories in the "Best of OKC."  Categories like: "Best Website," "Best Social Media Fanatic (should have been "Biggest Tweetbag)," "Best Place to Cool Off," and our favorite, "Best local thing that would give Sally Kern nightmares."  Throughout this week, we may even overly promote the categories in separate post.

So go vote for us and go vote often.  We will love you for it.  And by love, I mean a like type of love.  Not like-like love.

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