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Bethany is dumb…

I spent my junior high and high school years living outside of Bethany in far western Oklahoma City.   That means I had to deal with Bethany cops during my teenage and young adult years.  If only I knew that shotguns and homemade bombs were the keys to their heart.  From

A Bethany police officer found a pipe bomb in a truck after making a traffic stop early Saturday, officials said.

The officer stopped a truck near NW 50 and N Stinchcomb Avenue just after 1 a.m. and saw a hunting rifle in the vehicle, said Bethany police Capt. David Rodgers. The officer later saw what appeared to be a pipe bomb in the truck and evacuated the area.

Rodgers said detectives are still working to determine what complaints will be sent to the district attorney, but the men in the truck were not arrested.

"Everybody was cooperative," Rodgers said. "From my understanding they were younger guys, it's not like they were terrorists and we said 'hey, you can go home.'"

The Oklahoma City Bomb Squad detonated the device about 5:30 a.m. No one was injured.

Let me get this straight.  I once got pulled over and ticketed in Bethany for driving left of center on this narrow road, and these guys get pulled over with a rifle and pipe bomb in their truck and nothing happens?   What the Hell?  Did they have a Bethany First Church, Council Road and SNU bumper stickers on their vehicle?  Probably so, or they just did something to make someone very happy.

Also, I really like how the police captain justifies his department's lack if inaction by mentioning these were "younger guys."  Well, that makes me feel safe.  We all know that "younger guys" are much more responsible than older ones.  It's always the older guys you see smashing mailboxes, dropping rocks off over passes and racing their cars around Lake Overholser.

And since these"younger guys" were let go, I guess we can assume they were good ole white boys.  Can you imagine what would happen if the Bethany cops pulled over four Middle Eastern men under the same circumstances?  They would have probably called Jack Bauer to the scene.   And we know they weren't black.  Black people are smart enough to avoid Bethany.

Anyway, it will be interesting to see what "” if anything "” happens to these "younger guys."  I bet the NRA will give them a medal for protecting our freedoms.  I also bet the town will throw a big parade for them on 39th Street.  Or better yet, 36th.  They'll need to keep 39th Street open so they can pull over people for speeding and making illegal U-turns.  It's the Bethany way.

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