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Mark Rodgers is probably bloody

10:00 AM EDT on April 5, 2010

Someone recently emailed us these pictures of KOCO's Mark Rodgers from one of last week's newscasts.  Because we are very lazy, we are just now posting them "” and the email "” today.

Email:  Did you see Mark Rodgers on the 6:00 news?  He either ate a jelly doughnut or was bleeding.  Look at these pics I took.

This is what I like about Mark Rodgers.  Name me any other TV guy in the media who could have a gooey red substance drizzling down his chin and we'd question if it's blood or filling from a jelly donut.  (Editor's note: Jim Traber doesn't count as TV media and we already know Bob Barry Jr. likes Boston Cream doughnuts.)

Anyway, if these pictures are real "” and I think they are "” I'm going to assume it's blood on his chin.  I'm also going to assume that Paul Folger punched Mark for looking at Jessica Schambach's rack.  As it's been well documented on this site, those things are Paul Folger's territory...even though Mark probably admires them more.

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