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Ogle Madness: Midwest Region – Upper Bracket

2:00 AM EST on March 10, 2010

Today we begin games from the Midwest Region. Experts have labeled this the toughest region in the tournament.  Here are today's games:

(1) Olivia Munn vs. (16)  Ghost of Ed Gaylord
(8)  Mike Morgan vs. (9) Patrick
(4) Ashlynn Brooke vs. (13) Sally Kern
(5) Ms. Rocklahoma vs. (12) Brent Skarky

Read about them and vote after the jump!

(1) Olivia Munn vs. (16)  Ghost of Ed Gaylord

About Olivia Munn:

Conference: Pink Bikini Brigade

Who she is: Host of G4's Attack of the Show

Biggest Strength: Posing for Playboy. (safe for work)

Biggest Weakness: Posing as you would expect someone to pose for Playboy.


About The Ghost of Ed Gaylord:

Conference:Former Scary Media Moguls

Who he is: Honestly, we always get this Gaylord confused with the old Gaylord who has a street named after him in Downtown OKC.  That probably means OKC had too many Gaylords.  Just ask Curtis Fitzpatrick.

Anyway, this ghost was the former publisher/owner/editor of the Oklahoman.  And unofficial king of Oklahoma City.

Biggest Strength: The ability to convince my grandfather that he still runs Oklahoma City.

Biggest Weakness: The ability to shape-shift.



(8)  Mike Morgan vs. (9) Patrick

About Mike Morgan:

Conference: Meteorologists

Who he is: Chief meteorologist at KFOR

Biggest Strength: Amplifying reports of every storm into an apocalyptic event.

Biggest Weakness: Accepting criticism.


About Patrick:

Conference: Lost Ogles

Who he is: Founder and chief editor of

Biggest Strength: Creating obscure local social blogs.

Biggest Weakness: Seriosuly.



(4) Ashlynn Brooke vs. (13) Sally Kern

About Ashlynn Brooke:

Conference: Porn Stars of Oklahoma

Who she is: Oklahoma City's Best Porn Star

Biggest Strength: Uhm...her acting skills?

Biggest Weakness: Following instructions that have nothing to do with sex.


About Sally Kern:

Conference: Unrepentant Bigots

Who she is: The state representative that warned us homosexuals are worse than terrorists.

Biggest Strength: Rocking a pageboy haircut (see picture above).

Biggest Weakness: Hypocrisy.  Understanding irony (see picture above).  Abiding by gun lawsSoliciting honest feedback.



(5) Ms. Rocklahoma vs. (12) Brent Skarky

About Ms. Rocklahoma:

Conference:Fun Bags

Who she is: Winner of the 2009 Ms. Rocklahoma Contest

Biggest Strength: Brown Eyes

Biggest Weakness: Teaching sarcasm to her mother


About Brent Skarky:

Conference: Confederation of Douche Bags

Who he is: Anchor of Oklahoma Travel Vision Net Thing

Biggest Strength: Brainwashing hot chicks

Biggest Weakness: IQ tests



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