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Brent Skarky is Special

Earlier this week, we uncovered the following photograph of OklaTravel Net Anchor "” and Lost Ogle punchline "” Brent Skarky.  It pretty much proves what we've suspected for quite awhile:  Brent Skarky is special.

Now that we've learned that Brent Skarky is a little, uhm, unique, we kind of feel bad for giving him such a hard time over the past few years.  I mean we always knew he was kind of a douche bag, but we never knew he was a special douche bag.  Maybe we can host a benefit and raise enough money to buy him a moped.  He could then ride it around your parent's neighborhood.  Skarky would probably like that.

Anyway, maybe we should now be nice to Skarky.  As a peace offering, maybe we can have the Thunder give him the Arena Emcee gig. Skarky would probably like that, too.

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