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Joe Dorman is a Pimp…

11:00 AM EST on January 22, 2010

The picture above is of State Rep Joe Dorman cuddling it up Bobbie Miller and Joleen Chaney of KFOR Channel 4.  I'm pretty sure the picture was taken at the Bricktown Brewery.  This is unfortunate, because unless we are in the year 1995 and playing virtual reality golf and listening to Wakeland rock it live, the Bricktown Brewery is a pretty lame place.

That being said, I think this picture helps confirm what has long been rumored in Oklahoma politics.  Joe Dorman is a pimp.  Seriously, I wouldn't leave my wife, girlfriend, ex-girlfriend, mistress, or mom alone with this guy for more than 10 minutes.  He'd probably tell them how pretty their eyes are, show them his Jimmy Buffett record collection, and then ask them to get in the hot tub.  After that, it"˜s all over.  You just lost your to Joe Dorman.

Anyway, in another great teaser, I'm pretty sure Bobbie Miller and Joleen Chaney our going to make an appearance in our annual rankings of the "20 Hottest Women in the Oklahoma City Media."  Where will the rank?  You'll have to visit the site next week to find out.

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