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MAPS Girl, We Love You

10:00 PM EST on November 24, 2009

Oklahoma City, Tuesday, November 24.  Outside City Hall, tens of protesters demonstrated against the MAPS3 tax and projects. Tens of counter-protesters supported the MAPS3 tax and projects. The Ant-MAPS were in red and black, the Pro-MAPS were in white with pastel blue and green highlights. The tens of protesters surrounded protest coordinator and tenther blogger Porter Davis and the local media. Meanwhile, we shot these pictures of the only reason to go to the MAPStravaganza on the steps of City Hall: MAPS Girl.


MAPS Girl.  The only thing missing from the MAPS3 campaign is a cute girl. We called overexposed pundit Dr. Keith Gaddie to ask him about MAPS Girl. He observed that the "cutting edge political movements are always where the hot girls are."  We believe it too and we believe in MAPS Girl.  In the midst of the sea of  docile union cops and a random assortment of tea-partyers, MAPS Girl, in her stylish MAPS T-Shirt, held up her MAPS sign and engaged in the constitutionally-endowed right of cute girls wearing sling-back sandles and tights to dictate the political agenda.

We Love You, MAPS Girl. Even if you do work for Chesapeake, like Porter Davis claimed.

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