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OKC Media Approval Ratings: Berry Tramel

12:00 AM EST on November 16, 2009

berry tramel

Who he is: Berry Tramel

What he does: Sports Columnist for the Oklahoman; Sports Radio host for the Sports Animal

Why Approve: Don't tell anyone, but I actually think Berry Tramel is a pretty good writer.  When I was in high school and college, I actually looked forward to reading his sports columns.  But then this thing called the Internet came along, and I learned that other newspapers had writers just as good as Berry, and you could read them whenever you wanted for free.  When that happened, Berry's columns lost some of their luster.  However, other than an occasional piece by Darnell Mayberry, Berry Tramel is the only columnist worth reading at the Joke.

Another reason to approve of Berry is that he is a thorn in Regular Jim Traber's colon bag during their radio show on the Sports Animal.  Sure, some of their arguments seem contrived, but anyone who can ruffle Regular Jim's bull feathers deserves some praise.

Why Disapprove: I mentioned that Berry is pretty good writer, but unfortunately, he spends too much time trying to convey goofy points and share odd opinions.   Also, it's hard to take a writer seriously when he looks like a homeless person.  And it's even harder to take a sports talk host seriously when he sounds like he just stumbled out of the woods drinking a flask of moonshine.  To top everything off, Berry Tramel happily boasts that he's the guy who hired Jenni Carlson.  That makes me want to puke.

Last Week's Result: Last week, 42% of Lost Ogle readers approved of Dean Blevins. That's actually much better than I expected!  There's a 20% chance that Dean celebrated this achievement by getting drunk and hitting on cheerleaders...or at least Channel 9 interns.

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