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OKC Media Approval Ratings: Dean Blevins

Who he is: Dean Blevins

What he does: Sports Director for KWTV Channel 9

Why Approve: When you name the traditional "authorities" on OU football, there is a 70% chance that Dean Blevins is one of the first names to pop up.  He still has enough solid inside connections that his information is pretty reliable and accurate, and unlike other "authorities" on OU football (see Eschbach, Al or Hale, James), he's not afraid to speak his mind.  For example, he was one of the first media heads to call for Gary Gibbs head back in the mid 1990s, and he's not afraid to criticize the current coaching staff (see here).  Also, as a former collegiate QB and basketball player, he does provide somewhat of a unique perspective on sports.

Why Disapprove: Unfortunately, Dean Blevins has somewhat become a caricature of himself.  Around here, he's more known for fainting, urinating on the live radio and his obsession for making predictions via percentages.  He's also known to be "” or at least used to be "” quite the ladies man.  I won't mention anything specific, but read between the lines on this Q&A we did with a former back-up sports anchor.

Q: How does Mark Rodgers like his coffee? And can you ask Mark Rodgers how Dean Blevins likes his coffee?

A: Mark doesn't drink coffee, only juice boxes. He says Dean takes his coffee "with tits." Not sure what that means, but I'm pretty sure you can't print it.

If we're going to write that, I guess it should be noted that Dean and Mark Rodgers are not very good friends.  From what we've heard, Dean got mad when Mark left for Channel 5.  That's not very cool.  Anyway, vote after the jump on whether you approve or disapprove of Dean Blevins.

Last Week's Results: Only 28% of Lost Ogle readers approved of NewsOK anchor guy Dave Morris.  That's okay.  We heard he bought some new Ed Hardy shirts to make himself feel better.

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Bless Your Heart

The loss of Mary Fallin's upper lip was due to a horrible biting incident.


ElR Said:
Nov 5th, 2009 at 8:52 pm
It is literally impossible for a bogus check to be an accident. No matter how "top drawer" he is, it's a crime of intentional fraud that he pled guilty to. Just saying.


Most bogus checks are not on purpose. I make a crap ton of money and my wife has bounced 5 checks this year. I'm jsut lucky my bank would rather have my 30 bucks a pop and pays them rather than return them.

Besides, bogus checks shouldn't be crimes. A check is a contract to pay, and if there is not enough money in the account to pay, you breached a contract. In very few other cases can you be put in jail for breaching a contract.

Listen, I get a few hot checks paid to me a year, and it sucks. But I choose to continue to take checks. If I was really that worried about it, I would get one of those fancy check clearing machines that make sure there is enough money in the account.


Obscure video, for sure, but such a great song. Mr. E is a wonderful story teller.


@spinlenox: Deal. Since you were 100% of the voting, you have officially made it unanimous. @onthestrip: You're doing it right. Well done.


Tell the Ogle brothers 3-cents is more!


Classic Chad!




Tell me if I used the phrase correctly: a girl came over the other night and after some chatting and a bottle of wine I painted her like grandmas dinner plates!


One of the biggest DBs in OKC. Who would approve? Anyhow, check out his Twitter numbers, here:

Jax Raging Bile Duct

There is that roller derby benefit this weekend. Maybe it's time I check it out.


"“Mary Fallin thinks that the Bible is and I quote, "Good fiction, but not quite up there with the Lord of the Rings trilogy".

I thought mud-slinging was supposed to be NEGATIVE. If she started saying stuff like this, I would vote for her.


I took a break from "painting grandma's dinner plates" to read FNITBT and think you SHOULD write about all the stupid museums in the state.


You always seemed like a Girlie Show type of guy"¦


Man, screw all this mess "” I'll be at the Girlie Show all weekend. Unless I misread that one too..


Doomed! Doomed I tell ya.


I always order my drinks without ice. :-D


I heard Jari Askins kept the widow Columbo from being evicted by just telling Signor Roberto to "Ask your friends in the neighborhood about me." I also heard the rent stayed lik-a before.


Jackson with Sally Kern talking about how moral he is while he's still on probation:


It is literally impossible for a bogus check to be an accident. No matter how "top drawer" he is, it's a crime of intentional fraud that he pled guilty to. Just saying.


I've known the Jackson family for most of my 31 years and they're absolutely top drawer people. And that's all I have to sa about that.

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