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Let’s Toss Around Some Mud

2:11 PM EST on November 5, 2009

Oklahoma Governor Candidates

(Be sure to read Clark's PL&T column about the most important thing in basketball - the way you look.)

I guess it's Political Thursday seeing what Clark wrote earlier. But maybe everybody's feeling it since we are basically one year away from the 2010 Oklahoma gubernatorial election. Brad Henry has run his course and that means one of four current contenders - Republicans Randy Brogdon and Mary Fallin and Democrats Jari Askins and Drew Edmondson - will be leading this great state (of course, I guess others could toss their name in the hat still...).

That means we're going to have a full year of campaigning, speeches and most importantly, subtle smearing and mud-slingling. The last two are the best part about any political campaign. You've got to love how one candidate totally rips into another and then acts like they're the one being smeared and talks about how they want a clean campaign. It's a beautiful thing.

So right now, I'm putting my name in to be any of the candidate's smear campaign director. I have ideas people. And just pointing out crap about tax reform and voting records won't get it done. News flash: nobody cares. Oh, what's that? Mary Fallin voted against some bond issue in 1992? Well forget her! So I'm going to toss out a few. Some may stick, some may not. But the best part about all of them is that none are based in fact and are completely untrue. Which is the absolute best way to smear an opponent. So join me on the other side for some good political smack talk.

    So you be the judge. Who sucks the least, now that we know some of the real dirt about them? All I know is I wish Mayor Mick could double as both mayor and governor, kind of like a player-coach. I guess the only bad thing about him is that he used to work at Channel 5, which is absolutely true.

    One year to decide people. Vote intelligently. And be sure you've got the facts.

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