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At Least One Sooner Fan Was in DFW On Wednesday

9:00 PM EDT on October 21, 2009

I was passing through the DFW airport this afternoon on my way home from back east. I spotted this display of UT Longhorn hats, more appropriately remerchandised by an OU Sooners fan . . .


Gotta love Sooner fans. We may be lousy sports, but we sure know how to hold a grudge!

(Note #1: I am told we should credit Kelly Damphousse for the photograph; whether he wants us to or not is another matter entirely, but he captured the moment for all of us, in spades! 

Note #2: 'Eliot' sometimes covers for the activities of various of our Ogle Moles.  However, we would never deny a brilliant Sooner fan credit for am act of wit. The above photograph was captured by Kelly Damphousse and directed to us by noted news stalker and OU Prof. Keith Gaddie, both of whom have affirmed their roles in bringing us this photographic deed. Unfortunatley, no Longhorns were injured in the staging of this photograph.)

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