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Meghan McCain Makes Conservatives All A-Titter Over Twitter!

7:07 PM EDT on October 15, 2009


If you don't know about Meghan McCain, you don't know what you're missing.

Meghan McCain, daughter of 209-year-old Arizona senator and failed presidential candidate John McCain the Curmudgeon, posted the above picture on her Twitter account.

Thank you.

Then she apologized. And said she was deleting her Twitter Account.

Don't apologize, Meghan!

And don't go leaving behind all of your adoring fans. Who cares if some soulless, humorless  conservative roundhead who is inspired by the talking telephone pole that is Anne Coulter thinks your post is racy or "slutty?" If only you'd posted that photo last November 1, you'd be visiting Mom and Dad at the White House . . . shoot, that noted smut rag, the Christian Science Monitor, said of your titilating Twitter teet tweet:

Somewhere in Washington there are probably GOP strategists saying that to themselves right now. The Republican Party has a big problem with the youth vote, and Ms. McCain, daughter of former presidential candidate Sen. John McCain, is at least trying to remedy that among her generation, the 20- and 30-somethings sometimes called the "Millennial Generation."

 Yep. That's right.  The Christian Science Monitor thinks that boobs are the future of the Republican Party (we  just might need to start subscribing to that paper).  Actually, they like her politics. She's a moderate Republican who supports gay rights, and blogged fondly about Ted Kennedy. The CSM even went so far to say "It's like she's [Maine Senator] Olympia Snowe, only younger."

Yeah, except she's hotter. Way hotter. And stacked. Way stacked.

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