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The (former) Custer County Sheriff isn’t looking so hot…

custer county sheriff

The other day, a reader sent an email that pointed us to the Department of Corrections page for Mike Burgess, the former Custer County Sheriff .  You may remember Mike as the guy who tried to turn the Custer County Jail into a real life late night "Women in Prison" flick on Cinemax.  Here's his mug shot:


I'll you what, if those pictures aren't a great reminder to not do anything that will get you locked up in jail for 9-million years - or at least until 2082 - I'm not sure what is.  Seriously, before this guy lost his mind and moral compass, he looked like your regular old hillbilly sheriff.  Now he just looks like a sad, pathetic, rejected man, or as we call them around here, a Sports Animal fan.

Anyway, I guess the moral to all this is don't do anything too stupid that will get you sent to jail.  And if for some reason you do, don't get caught.

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