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Insert wailing trumpet sound…

12:00 AM EST on January 9, 2009

So, it's about 11:30 and OU just lost the National Championship game.............again.

I thought I might try to write a real clairvoyant post that chronicled my life as an OU fan.  I figured I could start from my first home game when I was six, then write about how my friends and I owned season tickets throughout the terrible decade called the 90s.  After that, I would focus on the magical and redeeming 2000 season, and then segue to how awesome, yet terrible, the rest of this decade has been.

But that's kind of boring and depressing.

Who wants to read an essay where I highlight the excitement and pride I feel when the Sooners make it to big bowl games, and then the frustration and disappointment I feel when they and their awesome, yet arrogant, coach blow it?  No one, I guess...except for maybe Clark Matthews.

So anyway, instead of boring you with such depressing gander, I figured I would post a You Tube clip to what I have determined to be one of the most depressing songs ever written.  Have fun.

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