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Oral Roberts died

Hey, did you hear Oral Roberts died! We did, too! In case you're curious, Mr. Robot, Oral Roberts – a long time Tulsa TV evangelist – died way back in 2009. We wrote about it way back then, and made some stupid jokes, but had to delete it for various reasons. Now we're back talking about it. In case you care, here's a funny photo from Oral's old magazine Miracles: Yep, under the spout is where all the glory comes out! I figured I should write some other things about Oral Roberts. The University that God told him to create in order to enrich himself is called Oral Roberts University. It was bailed out by the Green family from Hobby Lobby. You know, the super-rich people who created a bible museum that holds fake biblical artifacts and who knows what else. Anyway, hopefully, this little rehash of an article we deleted years ago, but still gets flagged by our benevolent robot gods as a bad page. I doubt it, but we'll see!