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Way to keep it classy, OKC….

Imagine the reaction here at home if a couple of people rode through a Halloween Parade in New York City dressed up like a bombed out Murrah Building. We'd probably be mad, right? Well, stumbled across these pictures from the Ghoul's Gone Wild Parade, and for good reason, is a little bit salty with it.

I know im kinda late with this but I was just looking at random pictures and I found this. This was in Oklahoma for the Halloween parade, you would think people from Oklahoma would have more respect since we were victims of terrorist activity too. Guess there is trash everywhere!

I actually remember seeing these idiots (also pictured here and here) in the parade and thinking their float was pretty damn tacky. But at the same time, I was drinking a lot of beer and standing around with a life sized cut out of Jim Traber by my side, so I kind of forgot.

Maybe next year the Ghoul's Gone Wild Parade should make some rule that prevents idiots from entering totally tasteless costumes into the parade. Either that or make it legal to punch people like that in the face. Seriously, there was not one hot chick wearing a bikini in the parade, but we let idiots ride through it on a bike dressed liked the flaming World Trade Center. That's just ridiculous.

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