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Worst of OKC: Worst Lost Ogle Feature


We started off the "Worst of OKC" a little over a month ago with the "Worst Metro Newspaper." The Oklahoman dominated with over 58% of the vote. Now it's time for us call an end to this little experiment with the category of "Worst Lost Ogle Feature." Vote after the jump.

Top 100 Oklahoma Embarrassments:
Lots of people complained that we had Paul Harvey ranked 51. Go figure.

100 Ideas for the Oklahoma Idea Initiative:
Idea 30 was my favorite: Force all Hobby Lobby employees to go to church on Sunday.

Ogle Madness:
This lost all credibility when we discovered Brent Skarky was stuffing the ballots.

The Justice League of Oklahoma:

This was originally going to be called "The Genius of Clark Matthews."

Worst of OKC

The recap edition of this will be out on Monday.

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