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Worst of OKC: Worst Metro Newspaper


In Oklahoma City, we have one really big major newspaper and a whole bunch of smaller ones. This may seem too easy, but one of them has to be the worst. Check out the nominees and vote after the jump.

The Oklahoman:
Let's see. A university report named it the worst newspaper in the country, it publishes a daily prayer on the front page, and its local nickname is the Jokelahoman. They are now even starting to look to us for story ideas (see Gassaway, Mike). They also employ Jenni Carlson. The Oklahoman is a number one seed when it comes to bad newspapers.

Oklahoma Gazette:
Journalistic standards be damned! The Oklahoma Gazette lost all my respect when they published some silly feature article about a local blog last May. They also publish ads for "massage parlors," but according to Clark Matthews that's not a bad thing.

Look at OKC:
I've never really understood Look at OKC. All they do is publish pictures of my ex-wife and other drunkards at local bars, and then charge advertisers a lot of money to advertise with them. They also have a bad theme song.

The Journal Record:
Although it's edited well, if you don't like reading oil, gas and legal news, you should probably avoid The Journal Record. However, if you have trouble sleeping each night, it would be a good nighttime read.

OKC Friday:
I don't really know too much about OKC Friday because I got turned down for a subscription due to my "lack of affluence." They may also be the only local newspaper that employs a McGuiness sports beat writer.

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