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Vian students have poor taste…

8:01 PM EDT on May 20, 2008

The two women pictured above are (former) Vian High School teachers. The reason they are former teachers is because they like to **allegedly** have sexual relations with their students. In case you haven't heard about it, here's some snippets from

Jennifer Cowart (top pic), 35 and Tracy Ann Boshers (bottom pic), 34, are under investigation over allegations of inappropriate relationships with male students at the high school. They resigned just before termination hearings were to proceed by the school district. The district, which was prepared to air the results of its investigation, accepted the resignations to avoid ongoing litigation, Superintendent Lawrence Barnes said...

An affidavit for a search warrant, filed by Hoover in April, has witnesses saying Boshers sent sexual text messages to cell phones of high school boys. One boy told police that Boshers performed oral sex on him at the school and in her vehicle...

"I knew that she had sex with another student, so why not me?" the former Vian student told police. "She put off the vibes. I hit her up about it, and she did it..."

Few of the boys are speaking with police about suspected relationships with Boshers. During his investigation, Hoover requested copies of Boshers's phone records and text messages...

Many students and former students haven't cooperated with the police investigation of Boshers, a popular teacher who once coached a decorated cheerleading squad and is the daughter of the school district's business manager...

Okay, lets just get this out of the way, what Ms. Cowart and Ms. Boshers did was wrong...very wrong. High school teachers, whether they are male, female, or Tyson Meade, should not have sex with their students. That being said...

What the hell are the high school guys in Vian thinking!?!

Are there no pretty, perky high school girls to go after? Seriously, these teachers look like they own meth labs in Arkansas and have profiles on Adult Friend Finder. My perverted roommate wouldn't even touch them if he was drunk, alone and using Al Eschbach's elbow. I bet Chubby Johnson would even stay away.

Anyway, since these teachers lost their jobs, I think that the male students they hooked up with should be suspended for having terrible taste. Or better yet, simply be forced to chauffeur Van Shae Iven around town if he ever comes out to cover a football game. That will teach them.

(Thanks to Honorary Lost Ogle Ryan from OklahomaRock for the heads up on the pictures)

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