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Hot-Girl-a-Day-In-the-Month-of-May: Amy McRee

Today signals the beginning of May, or as Craig Humphreys refers to it, "The most glorious month of the year." For Humphreys, it is an opportunity to talk golf every day for four straight weeks despite most people viewing golf discussion as being as exciting as watching paint dry. He does it anyway because the Sports Animal gets to give a lucky listener a "Driver-a-Day-in-the-Month-of-May"

We at TheLostOgle are not good at golf, with or without a fancy Calloway driver. So, instead, we plan to give our readers a Hot-Girl-a-Day-in-the-Month-of-May. The beauty is that everyone wins, not just one lucky person each day...unless you're a female reader, and then you never win. Well, except for once. Nevermind.

Anyway, to kick off the month we bring you an oldie (but a goodie). Also, if we forget to do this the next four days, we can just say we did five days at once.  Enjoy Amy McRee in her famous pink bikini.

(Oh, and if you have a photo that should be considered for use in this promotion, feel free to send it our way.)

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