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This is why I like The Gazette…


Sometimes when I'm feeling a little obnoxious at work, I'll take a Gazette, open it to the back page where all the "massage parlors", "personal lines" and "escort services" advertise, circle a phone number, and then lay it on a coworker's desk while they are away in a meeting or just flirting with the girl in HR. Then I'll hope and pray that the boss walks into the coworker's office to drop off some files, sees it, and uncomfortably walks away. Pathetic huh...

Anyway, thanks to the editors of the Gazette, this obnoxious little task has just got whole bunch easier. I no longer have to go to the trouble of opening the newspaper, grabbing a sharpie, and circling 972.AHHH. Now I can just place Oklahoma's favorite alternative weekly on their desk, walk away, and know that my work is done. Thanks guys!

P.S.- Do not try this with Look at OKC. They don't let these businesses advertise. Prudes.

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