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Vince Gill is Naive

One has to forgive Vince Gill for his naivete.  He is way past the age of those who are familiar with how the rap industry operates, and he grew up sheltered on the prairies of this state.  However, there are just some things you do not do, and right behind tugging on Superman's Cape or spitting into the wind is dissing a rapper publicly.  Sure, chiding Kanye West (who is, by all accounts, the least Gangsta of rappers) for not receiving an award from a Beatle is not on par with Snoop Dogg waving his award in the air and declaring, "the East Coast ain't got no love for Death Row," but Gill obviously did not understand the gravity of his faux pas.

What I see happening next is that a convoy of thugs will attack Vince as he leaves his honky tonk recording studio.  Soon thereafter, Gill will record a country cover of 2Pac's "Hit 'em Up" (something that is long overdue, by the way) directed at West's posse.  Next thing you know, Gill will be mowed down after a scuffle at an Indian casino.  Afterwards, a slew of posthumous albums will come out to keep the legend of Vince Gill going.

(Thanks to Blythe for pointing this out to us.  Like the rest of America, we at TheLostOgle did not actually watch the Grammys.)

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