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Bye Bye Bobby Reid

Maybe this was Jenni Carlson's plan all along.  In a decision that is as unsurprising as it is dumb, Bobby Reid has chosen to leave Oklahoma State University.

Due to the fact that Bobby injured his shoulder and was forced to redshirt his first season at OSU, Reid is limited on his options.  With his senior year coming up and no redshirt available, he cannot go to another Division I (or as the NCAA wants us to call it, "Bowl Championship Division") school and compete.  He either has to go to a lower division school, such as Sam Houston State (where no former D-I quarterback should be caught dead), or give up football.

Although, it appears there might be a third option:

Rajika Reid told the Dallas newspaper that her son had not yet decided whether to transfer to another school or to apply for early entry into the NFL draft.

Seriously?  In one of my earliest posts, I made fun of JamesOn Curry for making the decision to enter the NBA draft after his junior season at OSU.  Compared to Reid, Curry's choice looks brilliant.  For one, at least Curry was an underachieving starter, but a starting player nonetheless.  Also, JamesOn apparently had a promise from the Bulls that they would select him in the second round.

Reid has neither of those things going for him.  Sure, some NFL guru is probably reading this right now and saying, "well, Matt Cassel is Tom Brady's back up on the Patriots and he never started a game in college."  Sure, this is true, but Cassel went to USC where he apprenticed to Carson Palmer and then was passed on the depth chart by Matt Leinart.  Both of those guys won Heisman Trophies, and Palmer was taken first overall in the NFL draft (Leinart would have had the same fate if he had not returned for his senior season in an attempt to win three straight mythical national championships and learn ballroom dancing).  So, obviously, there was the chance that Cassel was NFL quality, just not first round quality.  Does anyone really think that Zach Robinson is going to be selected in the first round?

Anyway, rather than convert to a different position where the NFL might actually consider him, Reid will likely be playing in obscurity or else putting his education degree to use in the Houston Public School system next year.  Not exactly the fate expected of him when he was the biggest recruit to sign at OSU since R.W. McQuarters.

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