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SportsXtra Is Baseball-ey

10:24 AM EST on December 18, 2007

According to KOCO's web site, this video aired November 27th. Once again: Not punctual.

Somehow I missed this video the first time around. But last night I did what I always do after spending the evening drinking heavily and doing eight balls of blow: I spent the night surfing Channel 5's web site. This is when I ran across this video.

Now. I like both Mark Rodgers and Chris Callahan, and the fine people at KOCO have truly been exceedingly good sports about this little experiment we call The Lost Ogle, so I say this with the utmost respect: Just what, say, in the world, is the news value of this piece? This serves as a 3-minute advertisement for Channel 5 and for OU baseball.

All of this is part of the trend towards a focus on personalities as opposed to actual news. Channel 4 tries three or four ways to kill Lance West, the Ogle's throw open airtime to the insane ramblings of viewers, and now Mark and Chris coach the OU baseball team. Cool. A lot of this can be entertaining stuff. It's also one of the reasons this blog exists.

What's most fun is trying to guess what stunt the local media will pull next. Anyone have some ideas? Maybe Mike Morgan and Dean Blevins try their hand at selling used cars? Andrew Speno does man-on-the-street interviews trying to find out if anyone knows who he is? My personal hope is that Rusty McCranie gets his own personal segment that's like one of those VH1 dating shows and that it's called Doppler of Love.

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