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Be A Humanitarian

By Tony

10:37 AM EST on November 15, 2007

At The Lost Ogle, we are nothing if not charitable. Rarely does a day go by when we aren't stopped on the street and thanked for all the humanitarian work that we do. In a recent poll, readers were asked to name the one adjective that describes us. The top 3 responses were, of course:

1. Charitable2. Big-hearted3. Smells-as-if-you-haven't-showered-in-weeks

Now that our humanitarian creds are proven by this scientific poll, I thought it would be a good idea to let you know some of our favorite local charities. During this upcoming holiday season I hope you can generously help out as many of these as possible.

Mobile Meals

Though I have heard good things about the organization that brings warm meals to the elderly and the homebound, this particular chapter of Mobile Meals is always there to make sure Al Eschbach has a meal during his remotes. When he's broadcasting at a restaurant it isn't an issue, but how is Al supposed to eat on the air if he's at a car dealership or a casino? Please, readers, we must make sure the soothing tones of Al chewing his food over the airwaves continues. Donate some radishes to Mobile Meals today.


Like it's counterpart NAACP, the NAACB is a civil rights organization. That's why the National Association for the Advancement of Clay Bennett will soon be opening it's doors and accepting donations. Not content with the Ford Center, billionaire Bennett will likely ask Oklahoma City to build him a new arena when the NBA comes here. Give, people, give. It's only a matter of time until OKC is a bustling metropolis full of upscale stores like Nieman Marcus and multiple hipster art districts. Yay gentrification!

Save the Children

A campaign to keep Chris Collins off of Oklahoma streets. (Too soon?)


The people at Hospice do heroic work helping families give end-of-life care. The nurses you see heading in and out of The Locker Room studios are people helping this show that is clearly on life support. The shows follows a very simple formula:

1. Beat up on easy target (ex. Charlie Weis)2. Bring on guest3. Suck up to guest

Shockingly, this approach has not managed to garner a whole lot of viewers. Thankfully, Hospice is around to escort The Locker Room off the airwaves and out of our televisions forever.

Coalition for the Homeless

Sadly, the streets of Norman have too many people without homes. Thankfully, the Coalition of the Homeless has been lobbying the University of Oklahoma to allow the homeless to spend a couple of warm hours at the Lloyd Noble Center during OU home games. There is plenty of room available and it might help, for once, provide some atmosphere at the games.

Locks of Love

Locks of Love is a non-profit organization that provides hairpieces to children who have suffered hair loss due to medical conditions. I know what everyone is thinking: Mike Morgan's hair on every 12-year old in the country. I think if Locks of Love gathers enough funds, they can buy Mike Morgan's hair every six months or so and provide it to a disadvantaged child. Let's make this happen.

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