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Who Is The Most Likely To Pull A Gundy?

In an effort to eek every last drop out of Gundygate, some friends and I spent last evening trying the figure out who the next local celebrity to "pull a Gundy" and get national headlines for a tirade will be. Here is what we came up with. Which do you think is the most likely? Any other ideas?

Jenni Carlson

The Target: Mike Gundy

Jenni has been through a lot over the past two weeks, and has shown remarkable restraint in not losing her cool after being publicly humiliated. I fully expect to see her completely lose it in a future OSU press conference and am really hopeful that the phrase "I'M A WOMAN! I'm 32!" is used.

Bob Stoops

The Target: Sideline Reporter

I'm an OU fan, and I like Bob Stoops, but I always cringe when I see he is about to be interviewed at halftime by a sideline reporter. He clearly hates the entire exercise, and if he deems the question to be silly isn't afraid to offer a rude response. It is only a matter of time before he goes full-Gundy on Jack Arute or Erin Andrews.

Gary England

The Target: The NCAA

Gary England is at his best during the spring, when severe weather is at it's peak. He's always interrupting tv shows and saying awesome things like "dustnado," "power flashes," and "Val Castor." It makes even the most heterosexual guys swoon. But Gary England's least favorite time of year is during the NCAA tournament, when he's allowed to break into programming a lot less. I expect that very soon he will be on the phone with the NCAA, demanding that they move the tournament to September or some time when there is less severe weather to report.

Clark Matthews

The Target: Dave Hunziker

Clark himself worries he might be the next to pull a Gundy. Here are his words:

A typical Hunziker call goes something like this. "Second and ten from the Cowboy twenty. The snap. Fakes a handoff to Savage. Robinson swings a pass over to Bowman. It's caught! He breaks a tackle!! And he's off! Finally taken down by a host of defenders! It'll be third and seven for the Cowboys."

The next time he starts screaming like Dantrell Savage has broken into daylight then ends the call by saying, "gain of two" or raising his voice nine octaves to say "HE TAKES THE THREE!!!...and it's off back iron" it just might be me pulling a Gundy.

Jim Traber

The Target: Random Caller

Actually, Traber pulls a Gundy in nearly every single one of his broadcasts. We just need someone to send a tape of his show to some national outlet so it'll get the publicity it deserves.

Bobbi Burbridge Lane

The Target:

After we announced that we're pushing for adult film star Ashlynn Brooke to be named OKC's official tourism ambassador, the first thing we did was hire a security firm here at The Lost Ogle Headquarters. Frankly, Bobbie Burbridge Lane's lectures on the radio about pornography have us scared witless, and we're pretty sure she's going to show up here and try to beat the hell out of us.

Merv Johnson

The Target: Bob Barry Sr.

If you want to play a drinking game that will get you drunk extremely quickly, you just listen to the broadcast of an OU football game and take a drink every time Big Bob Barry says "Caught. Dropped." Merv Johnson is a mild-mannered guy, but I imagine sometime soon he's going to snap the 613th time Bob Barry confuses a complete pass with an incomplete pass.

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