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11:09 AM EDT on September 24, 2007

Jenni Carlson

With all the craziness going on regarding Gundygate, there is still one key thing that we are missing: Jenni Carlson's Reaction.

There had to be 20 cameras in that room. One...just one...had to pan over to get her reaction during his tirade. If you have this clip or picture and are scared to release it because you are friends with Mike Gundy (like most everyone in the Oklahoma City TV media), please send it to us at TheLostOgle at We'll make sure that the public gets to see it.

Also, I am assuming that Jenni Carlson was the person who Mike Gundy was yelling at during his tirade. Who else could it have been? Here are some options:

Bubble Gum, Mike Gundy's stylist from Fantastic Sam's. She had just informed him that his super spike hair gel was out of stock.

Roger, the team's official KFC runner. He had just dropped Bobby Reid's postgame chicken leg on the floor.

Sean Sutton, Head Basketball Coach. For grabbing the chicken leg and running out of the room.

Any other ideas? Please let us know.

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