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Carrie Underwood has been sued!

3:50 PM EDT on September 18, 2007

Reported here first. It looks like Oklahoma's own American Idol darling Carrie Underwood had a lawsuit filed against her.  And it looks pretty serious.  Check it out:


Jonathan Lee Riches, dba Identity Theft Row Records


Carrie Underwood, dba Country Music Singer

Lawsuit for breach of contract, fraudulent misrepresentation, terroristic threats, stacking, harassment and trademark infringement.  The plaintiff wants $35 million dollars from defendant Carrie Underwood because she "stole" his song entitled,  "Jonathan Lee Riches, He Delicious," she  "text messages the Dixie Chicks" and got an "arm tattoo of the Berlin wall," which is "unpatriotic," she  threatens the plaintiff "daily" with "Tony Romo, cowboys and a few Indians," she is "pen pals with Andrea Yates" and she "picks on blind workers at Wal-Mart."  The plaintiff further claims he was denied access to the country music awards by Underwood, who "put his head in a vice in Miami."

Yes, this lawsuit is real.  However, it should be noted that Jonathon Lee Riches is a nutty prisoner who likes to file bizarre lawsuits against famous people.  For example, on September 12th he filed a lawsuit against Jeff Gordon, Barry Bonds and Michael Vick.  Here's hoping that he'll sue Toby Keith next.  And here's an additional hope that he'll maybe win.

(Note: This stuff is pretty hot, so there is no link available. But I'm sure one will be up relatively soon!)

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