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We want to join the KREF Fantasy Football League

So, it looks like Toby Rowland is putting together a 2007 KREF Fantasy Football League.  All this week, people have called Toby's show explaining why they should be part of the league.  Calls have ranged from people reenacting "real men of genius" commercials to Mayor Cornett's son performing the white boy rap.

Anyway, since nobody really listens to KREF, we at The Lost Ogle thought it would be kind of fun to join the league.  That way, we could enjoy action-packed fantasy football excitement without feeling like we're selling out.  Also, by being in Toby's league, we can get one-degree closer to Amy McRee (even though Toby warned us that she has kid).

The only real issue is that we really can't call Toby's show and suck-up to him.  That just seems wrong.  But what we can do is offer some sort of extorted, written offer to join the league.  Here it is:

If Toby lets us join his KREF Fantasy Football League, we promise to be nice to him during the football season.  That means no snarky comments about his relationship with Sherri Coale or the Small College Hoops radio show.  We'll also give him a trench coat and a fake mustache so he can sneak into OU practices with James Hale. 

That should make Toby happy.  Or better yet, it will.

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