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You Disappoint Me OKC

Although we have put them on notice, we at love The Gazette. (Sure, the primary reason is that it is not The Oklahoman, but really what more do you need?) Related to that love, we were all excited to see the results of their "Best of OKC" poll when they were released recently. Let's just say we were less than impressed.

Upon further review, it is not The Gazette which deserves our scorn. No, it is the people of OKC who voted to bestow awards on Carrie Underwood, Chili's, and radio personalities at Wild 104.9. Bad OKC!

The editors of this fine website, which was not up for an award, have chosen to vent about the most egregious award winners (which you will find after the jump). Feel free to do your own chastising of the results in the comments section.

Best Cookie

Winner: City Bites

Seriously? What came in second; Pillsbury Cookies from your grocer's freezer? Apparently the voters thought the award was for biggest cookie, because nothing else about the baked goods served at City Bites screams for recognition of elite status. Take my advice Oklahoma City: Take a look around your neighborhood and there is probably a real bakery nearby. Go inside, buy a cookie and odds are its taste and consistency will be infinitely better than anything you buy at a chain delicatessen. Once you have learned what a real cookie tastes like, go get a good cookie. Best bet: chocolate chewy at Ingrid's Kitchen on NW 36th & Youngs.

Patrick wanted me to add that while the cookie award was a travesty, he will defend City Bites to the death on behalf of the California Sub on Tomato Basil Bread.

Best Way to Get Cool People to Stay or Move to Oklahoma City

Winner: Higher wages, better jobs, and reduced taxes

I was not aware that The Gazette voters were running for mayor. Could the answer be more vague? Next time, I want the voters on this poll to think outside the box...just off the top of my head, free beer.

Best Cheap Eats

Winner: Sonic

Everyone loves the Sonic ice, but since when has Sonic been cheap? We are talking about a fast food place that makes their money by charging exorbitant prices for soda pop and, unlike most fast food restaurants, offers no free refills. Then, they have the audacity to charge $3 for a, let's be honest, sub par burger.

Best TV Personality Hairdo

Winner: Amy McRee

Obviously, we have a bit of an obsession with Mrs. McRee, but very little, if any, of that obsession is related to her hair. Unless he has been retired from this category by a lifetime achievement award, this has to go to Dean Blevins...because, really, the man is nothing more than a head of hair. If he cannot win this award, why does he still have a job?

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